Welcome to PABLO"S Chicxulub Crater Home page...Chicxulub is in the center of the worlds largest crater..But you would never know it, cause you can't see's all filled in.. 65 million years ago an asteroid smashed into the earth and the rest is history..Learn a little about The Chicxulub Crater and the people and history of the Yucatan Coast with Pablo. Pablo is the aka of a north american Vietnam Veteran who has lived in Chicxulub for over 22 years. ******************************************************************************************** The Chicxulub Crater was first noticed when PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) were drilling test holes on the Yucatan peninsula in the late 70's, their samples contained sediment that did not match what should have been there. Many studies later the Crater has been mapped out and is estimated to be close to 300 kilometers wide. Its depth goes to 1,100 meters and has a ring of cenotes that runs the Yucatan. Find out more by following the Crater links...

Chicxulub & Crater Fun Links

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Chicxulub..A    small    fishing    village

Chicxulub Puerto...4 km's East of Progreso, on the north coast of the Yucatan..Mexico's least known fishing village..Population around 9,127, most of the people are under the age of 21...Chicxulub has No movie house, no surf shops, no J.C. Pennys, no board walk, and no bowling allys and still NO Pier... We don't have an airport or a subway. We have a blinking traffic light and a water tower, a town truck, one cantina (Bar Tarzan, no girls allowed). Chicxulub does have very friendly people,many great seafood restaurants, fishermen, boats,lots of kids, and a little park...Lots of places to hang your hammock and kick back. NEWS UPDATE...After almost 23 years Chicxulub has a new pier for the fishermen, set to open soon. The Peso is at 12.00 to the dollar- It took 22 days to restore power to Chicxulub after hurricane Isidoro came through on Sept 22,2002, but we are still kicking back..Pablo has a wonderful tour of the coastal area for those of you coming to the Yucatan email him at

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